How Sexual Abusers in Power Dupe the Public

By Sandy Whitewater

When someone comes forward and claims to have sexually been abused by someone in power, such as politicians, members of law enforcement or other agencies designed to protect its citizens, the public is naturally skeptical. To believe that someone would abuse their position like that is to destroy their paradigm of how society functions. The average person seems to immediately suspect the claimant of lying for political or financial reasons, or that the person is just plain crazy.

Those who have been accused, with their lawyers, know this about the average citizen, and use it fully to their advantage. If the claimant has no proof, (which often they do not for several reasons, one being that the abusers are very ruthless about hiding their tracks), they will move on to discredit the person’s character.

One of their major go-to’s seems to be to point out that the accuser is mentally ill, often with dissociative identity disorder. Unfortunately, splitting one’s personality is precisely what DOES occur when someone has suffered repeated abused. However, instead of this substantiating the VICTIM’S claims, those in power will use that AGAINST them. The average person does not realize that having DID (previously referred to as having a split-personality or being schizophrenic) does not automatically make you a liar.

If this smear campaign doesn’t work, they will use the claim that the victim has had false memories, often due to “implantation” by a psychiatrist. In fact, there is an entire institution dedicated to smear campaigns against those that come forward with sexual abuse claims, called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. (Much, much more on them to come). Mind you, there is NO such thing as false memory syndrome.

One must ask, why would someone come forth so publicly about being sexually abused by someone or someones in power? We have seen over, and over again, how those in power smear these people’s characters. What on earth would possess someone, out of the blue, to just make these things up? They are fully aware that doing so will put their character into question. This will affect their ability to get a job, find a husband or wife. It could get their kids taken away from them. I would imagine that the odds are very, very slim that someone would come out with accusations just for kicks or for some nefarious reason. And, of course, the smear mechanism in place prevents real victims from coming forward at all.

They have designed the perfect cycle of perpetuation, cover up, perpetuation, cover up. They abuse, which makes the person damaged, and then they say, well, that person is damaged, so it never happened. 

When hundreds of thousands of children are reported missing each year, worldwide, you really have to stop and wonder if maybe those that claim they were taken as a child and abused aren’t lying. They can’t ALL be. It’s statistically impossible.



Children don’t just vanish into thin air. They don’t just evaporate. When driving around, do you see random kids aimlessly lost, unsupervised? If hundreds of thousands of children are missing just because they wandered off, the odds that one would stumble upon a child bewildered and alone would be quite high. Unless, of course, they were TAKEN somewhere out of sight.



To think that people in power aren’t ever doing anything nefarious to these children is just plain naive. The odds are just too great. Because, if they weren’t, they’d be rescuing these children. They would be helping victimsThey would be bringing people to justice, not smearing the characters of the few brave souls that have been lucky enough to have survived and are telling their stories.



It’s been proven that people in power, in business, politics, etc,  have a greater likelihood of being narcissistic and psychopathic. These are the traits that allow them to step on others to get ahead. Not all of them of course, but there are many.



One of their tactics is to deflect blame. It is one of the main traits of a narcissist. Anyone who has a narcissistic parent or boss knows this all too well. They think they are literally INCAPABLE of being wrong. It’s just not in their reality. So when a victim manages to muster up enough brevity to accuse that powerful person, of course the only thing they can think to do is deny and deflect.



In their minds, perhaps child abuse isn’t wrong, but they know the public does not condone it, and if there’s one thing a narcissist cannot stand, is the world disliking them.
A timely example of the smear campaign in action is the Hampstead case. Although the case is rife with questionable factors, such as Sabine McNeil posting the unblurred videos of the minor victim’s confessions, without their mother’s permission, and the questionable character of Abraham Christie, we see the same tactics going into the cover up. For instance, what did the mainstream media focus on to discredit Ella Gareeva (formerly Draper), the children’s mother? The fact that she is an advocate of hempseed nutrition.



In the Mirror article entitled “Ricky Dearman: Dad falsely accused…,” it features a photo of Ella and Abraham posing in a cannabis field. Although the legalization of marijuana is slowly becoming more acceptable by society, at least in the United States, there is still a large populace that looks at that picture and sees criminals. The Mirror was no doubt very aware of this.

As if these pictures should in any way, shape or form, discredit the claims of the children. In the police interview (which God knows why these highly sensitive interviews with MINORS have been made public), we hear the children talking about how “Papa Hemp,” aka Abraham Christie, and their mother, gave them essentially hemp juice, at least the way the children are able to describe it. So the mainstream media cries child abuse on the part of the mother and the boyfriend, and claim that, since Ricky Dearman, the children’s father, is allegedly in a custody battle with Ella, this must be one giant bunch of baloney designed to discredit Ricky and that’s that. Hands washed of it. Case closed.


Since those in power know that no one in their right mind would accept a smear campaign against the children’s characters, they had to go against the mother and boyfriend. The redaction video pretty much comes to the conclusion that the children had seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, had been given drugs, and told what to say while getting whacked in the head with spoons.

Now, I don’t know about you, but getting raped with plastic willies wasn’t in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie that I saw. But I digress.

So, again, we see the perpetuation of abuse, the cover up, and the further abuse. Making these interviews public is VERY abusive to these children, as from now on, they have THAT over their heads. For the rest of their lives. No one will ever be able to associate with them and NOT think of this case.

Abuse, cover up, perpetuation of abuse, cover up. Keep this in mind when you hear about someone coming forward, claiming they were abused as a child by someone with authority.


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