Susan Alefantis’ Bankruptcy Documents

By Sandy Whitewater

According to PACER documents, Susan Alefantis, mother of James Alefantis (owner of Comet Ping Pong and subject of the pizzagate scandal), declared bankruptcy in January of 1994, in the state of Virginia. James was born on 10/24/1974. He was just shy of 20 years old when this occurred.

There are rumors going around that the Alefantis family is connected to or ingratiated to/with the CIA.

If that was true, why would Susan need to declare bankruptcy? I cannot reach the Alefantis family for comment, as they will not speak to me, so one can only speculate. Were they connected afterward? Before? Did this get dismissed for favors?

I’m just reporting the information I have gathered. Please see the court documents below.



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