Pizzagate is Real by Extension and Proxy (Part 2)

By Sandy Whitewater

~Trigger warning/NSFW/18+

As I illustrated in Part 1, pizzagate is very real, and points to a much larger crisis facing the world today. Child sex trafficking. According to Ark of Hope for Children, child trafficking is a 32 billion dollar industry. Per year. Not million. BILLION. If you think this amount of money wouldn’t incentivize some unscrupulous people in all sorts of positions in life to cover-up this problem, think again.

Not only are there known and convicted pedophiles in positions of power, but also in the media, the justice system, the education system. They’re everywhere and are probably in greater numbers than the mainstream media would have you think.

There is evidence of a systemic cover-up, and only in recent years has some semblance of accurate data come out of institutions especially in the United Kingdom and Australia. The mainstream media in the United States dabbles in reports, but if they conveyed the real scope of the issue, the American public would surely be outraged. Children, increasingly toddlers, are being stolen, tortured, raped, and murdered, every minute of every single day. Not just a few hundred from some distant developing country, but over a MILLION children per year, and from every single country on Earth.

How is this possible? Why?

There are pedophiles that commit these acts and profit, and those with power that don’t necessarily commit the acts themselves, but help facilitate and cover-up. They profit financially as well. There is a common misunderstanding that pedophiles are motivated to prey on children due to a sexual attraction towards them. Testimonies show a different story. It is much more about power and inflicting pain and suffering on a weaker being. Dr. Lori Handrahan, in Epidemic: America’s Trade in Child Rape, states, “child pornography, the trade in child rape, is not a ‘mental health’ condition to be ‘treated with therapy.’ It is not a sexual orientation among consenting adults. It is a horrific crime perpetrated, most often, by organized crime and men in positions of power against the most vulnerable in our societies-our children.”  

They can be used sexually, of which exploits can be recorded and sold and resold. They can be murdered on camera, which there is a market for. Some satanic and luciferian sects believe they get power from such acts. Children can be used to blackmail people if evidence shows them in compromising positions with these minors. This is not easy to read, let alone research and write about. But this is reality. This is what needs waking up to. This needs to be stopped. NOW.

Handrahan writes, “according to Europol, ‘child sexual exploitation material (CSEM) is increasingly produced for financial gain.’ The easy profit-model of child rape is rapidly overtaking drugs and guns as organized crime’s preferred money-maker. Children are a renewable resource. They can be sold multiple times a day over many years and are easy to transport. Their rape can be sold online and in-person. Their organs can be sold on the black market.”

Although increasing light has been shone on the pedophilia and child trafficking issue in the mainstream media lately, the problem doesn’t seem to be diminishing. In fact, there is evidence that it is growing.

According to the 2016 Internet Watch Foundation report, there are several alarming statistical trends in the prevalence and content of child pornography online today. “Posts containing child sexual abuse imagery removed from public access, from the year 2015 to 2016, is up 193%, from 20,604 to 60,466….53% of children were assessed as aged 10 and under.”

Shockingly, Lori Handrahan reveals that, “images, videos and live-streams of infant/toddler rape are considered platinum in pedophile circles. Any pedophile can get his/her hands on a teenager…Toddler and infants are not independent of their caregivers. To traffic an infant or toddler the caregiver must be involved.” Apparently, the younger the better.

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, it also seems that content is getting increasingly more violent. Handrahan states that, “what is being done to our children is not child pornography, exploitation or sex. It is rape and torture often meeting the Convention Against Torture (CAT) definition. Pedophiles frequently discuss being aroused by committing and watching others commit violence against children. They say they want the child to suffer…Children are often bound, gagged and violently assaulted.”

Who is doing this? What type of people? And how are they getting away with it?

The perpetrators are everywhere. These adults are often trusted with security, sensitive information, and of course, children.

These are the positions held by some of those convicted of child pornography-related charges:

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

Navy Command Master Chief of Joint Task Force North

Air Force Computer Security Specialist

Air Force Major

Deputy Assistant Secretary to the Navy

Police Officers

Police Chiefs

Cyber-security expert contractor with the FBI

FBI Agents

DEA Agents

Intelligence analyst with the U.S. Marshals

Homeland Security Customs and Border Patrol Agents

Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement

TSA Agents

Warrant Officer with the Coast Guard

Secret Service Agent (while stationed at the White House)

FEMA employees

USPS contractors

Army Corps of Engineers

Former U.S. diplomat

Dept. of Agriculture employee

CPS employees

COO for Washington D.C.’s National Children’s Museum

Civil Engineer with the Bureau of Indian Affairs



Assistant Attorney Generals


Vice Principals

Education Association Union President


Foster care workers

Day care workers

Religious leaders


Aide to Senator

Chief of Staff


When those in the justice, legal, and governmental systems are supporters and perpetrators of crimes against children, it partially explains the cover-up. If there wasn’t some sort of cover-up, the problem would be getting better, not worse. The perpetrators are everywhere, at all levels of government, the justice system, the education system, the foster care system, the so-called child protection system. This sick industry is incredibly lucrative. They cover for each other online, giving one another tips on how to avoid detection. This protection does not stop outside the cyber world, of course. It extends to schools, courtrooms, day care centers, places of worship, foster homes, the White House, international embassies…the list is endless.

As Handrahan illustrates, “…it is important to note that elite pedophile rings, the world over, appear to be structured in similar manners. Judges, prosecutors, police, clergy, journalists and politicians are often involved and the most vulnerable children targeted. Frequently the children are in government care, such as Kincora in Northern Ireland, Casa Pia in Portugal, orphanages in Russia, or foster children in America. Staff in child protection agencies, globally, appear to be key players in securing supply-lines of children for pedophile rings.” (For further reading).

Why isn’t this a Bigger Issue in the Media?

One reason is that some adults working in the media ARE perpetrators. Or their bosses are. Or the company that owns them is covering for something. Or, the cynic might purport, that the public would rather see a funny cooking show than be depressed over someone else’s children’s plight. Although, as I stated before, I believe that if the American public knew the true extent to what is happening to innocent children underground, they would be outraged. As Handrahan puts it, “most Americans likely have no idea how extensive infant and toddler trafficking has become. Infants and toddlers are targeted by pedophiles for an important strategic reason; children under four-years-old cannot be witnesses in court. No witnesses-no crime.”

So what can the public do if law enforcement and government agencies won’t do the job that they, as taxpayers, pay them to do? Research for themselves and advocate for innocent children. We are fortunate to live in a time when the mainstream media isn’t the only mouthpiece for the public.
We the people have an important voice. The over 2 million children sold into sex-slavery per year HAVE NO VOICE AT ALL.

(Endnote: It is not due to laziness that I have a single book source. There just ISN’T that much information out there yet. That should tell you something as well.)


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