How To Discern Controlled Opposition

By Sandy Whitewater

Lately there seems to be a plethora of accusations hurled between those in the so-called “truth movement.” Accusations of shilling, being crazy, or part of a psyop or controlled opposition are common slurs.

It gets exhausting for any outsider to witness. While being a shill or crazy isn’t great for the movement, controlled opposition is by far the most cunning, and potentially damaging.

Fortunately, determining who is a controlled opposition agent is fairly straightforward to discern. I would like to propose the following criteria. History has proven, time and again, that real threats to the powers that be result in predictable consequences. Ask these questions about your source to make your determination:

1). Is this person still alive?

2). Has their livelihood been affected in any significantly negative way?

 3). Have they, their family members, friends and/or pets been threatened with bodily harm or death? Can these threats be verified with police reports?

4). Has this person, their loved ones, friends and/or associates been stalked? Can this be proven with police reports?

5). Has there been a concerted effort to convince their family, friends and/or audience that they are insane?

6.) Has the source been forced into hiding, to adopt a new identity, and/or is under protection?

7). Are they telling the whole truth or a fraction of the truth?


When comparing a controlled opposition agent to a genuine truth-teller or whistle-blower, the difference becomes stark. Apply those questions to the following examples:

Alex Jones.

David Crowley.

Ted Gunderson.

Ben Swann.

Seth Rich.

Pat Tillman.

Paul Bonacci.

John DeCamp.

Julian Assange.

Gary Caradori.

Paul Bynum.

The controlled opposition agents are mixed in with the truthers. Which one do you think is which?

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